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About Me, Imani G.

Hi, welcome to my site! My name is Imani (pronounced EE-MAH-NEE). I admire all things creative.

I am a lifelong student, so that means I’m pretty much always reading, taking a course, or in groups with other successful people that help me continue a legacy of excellence and character (AKA I enjoy more nerdy activities lol).

My favorite thing to do is working directly with people and being a part of the action. I hate working through a “middle man” because that can cause a lot of miscommunication and often doesn’t complete the mission effectively.

I am a big advocate for excellence and quality in everything I participate in. If something is lazily done, I don’t want my name anywhere near it. Simple and lazy are two very different things.


What to expect working with me...

1) Excellence and quality over quantity and a “rush job”.

2) Collaboration: You help me understand the message you want to convey, to whom and where it’s going, and I’ll take care of the rest.

3) Friendly interaction paired with professionalism.


Why you'll never find another Imani?

1) I prioritize excellence, brand consistency, and proper marketing messaging, while also making it fun. Whoever said that you can’t enjoy the work that you do clearly is a stick in the mud and wants everyone to be a part of their “misery loves company club”. I want no parts.

2) It doesn’t matter how much or little resources you have, together, we’re going to make that thang shine and glitter like gold.

3) Some people have the takeover spirit or just lazy and make decisions without really investigating what their clients’ needs and wants are. I make sure clients feel a part of the process and understand what’s going on without overwhelming them with unnecessary details.


Quality Cup Life Podcast & Youtube Channel

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